* Avoid washing hair daily 

*Use conditioner after shampooing

*Focus on the scalp when shampooing not the ends

*Use cooler water when shampooing

*Get enough sunlight

*Use soft water if available (best for hair, skin, & nails)

​*Exercise and hydration (H2O)

*Follow a healthy diet plan

*Incorporate stress relieving activities (ie church, yoga, mediation, long walks, massage, etc.​)

*Stay away from harsh hair products, shampoos, and excessive heat (from blowdryer, flat iron, etc.)

*Using natural oils like olive, avocado, & coconut oil can be great for moisturizing the hair and scalp 

The​ Treatment Process

​Services We Offer:


Environmental stressors

Tips for healthy hair & scalp:

 Lack of water and hydration

Trichology & Hair Health 

Good News! Most hair and scalp maladies can be treated with laser hair therapy and our XTC Xtreme Hair Boost System™. Treatment  programs vary per individual based on the diagnosis and length of treatment needed. Most clients will need a minimum of 4 months to see visual results depending on the individual. Most treatments are handled in our office, however we also offer at-home devices and treatment programs for those with busy lifestyles. 

Hair Loss Consultations

​Laser Hair Therapy

​High Frequency Therapy

​Personalized Hair Growth 


Hair Health Advice

Not enough activity

Common causes of hair loss:


​The diagnosis is an essential part of the consultation process. It is important because the actual treatment process depends on this step. Different diagnosis require different treatment lengths and often times there are more than one malady causing the hair and/or scalp issue. When the diagnosis is confirmed, we then can focus on the best treatment options. Most issues can be addressed in the our office, however there are circumstances where a primary physician may be recommended.



Stress & Tension

Injury &

surgical procedures

Hereditary hair loss






We start with a comprehensive questionnaire geared towards previous hair health care. We conduct a detailed microscopic hair and scalp evaluation as well as strength and elasticity test. All tests are non-evasive and comfortable for each client. We will also review blood work levels (if already taken by your primary health care provider.) We will provide knowledge and understanding to help you obtain superior hair health.

Too many unhealthy foods





​Thyroid problems